About Us

We are a team of climbing enthusiasts, climbers, professional amateurs and professionals. We all have experienced positive effects of climbing and that’s the reason why we are here.
Climbing is becoming more and more popular not only among professionals, but also among many recreational sportsmen. It is suitable for all age categories from kids to seniors. It teaches you endurance, builds power and when you ask the devoted climbers, they will definitely confirm that it is also a source of a mental well-being.

Náš tím

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The father of the idea, ambitious man. He is the architect, construction manager, worker in LA SKALA. Now you can meet him as an instructor, methodical supervisor, the one who wants to hear your feedback and oversees if everything works as it should. He loves nature, mountains and he loves to climb.

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the mother of LA SKALA, looks after every detail and creates all the rules and therefore everything runs smoothly and without any problems. She is responsible for the running of our climbing centre and you can meet her at the reception. She sees and hears everything and is always thinking about something :) and she is never going to stop as she wants your experience here to be something special.

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graduated as a manager, certified as an instructor. In LA SKALA she will use her experience at the reception and also on the wall as an instructor. She has been climbing since her elementary school and she has been training kids and elderly for ages, but she does so only until they start climbing better than her :) She always tries to find a solution to any problems and she hates giving up.

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a former member of the Slovak national team, a participant of the World championships and the World Cup, a national coach of SHS JAMES, a member of the races commission and commission of alpinism SHS JAMES, has had 15 years of experience with training the best climbers in Slovakia, climbed 10+PP and 9+OS. In LA SKALA he will share his wisdom in the sports preparation, trainings and individual classes.

technical parameters

total area together 1800 m2
climbing hall/boulder 1080 m2/350 m2
climbing area together 3530 m2
climbing hall/boulder 3000 m2/530 m2
boulder image
boulder heighl
4 - 4.5 m
boulder image
height of walls
12 - 17.5 m
Maximálny previs
Lezecká hala - 12 m
Bouldrovka - 3.5 m
Number of lines in the climbing hall 160
number of routes/boulders cca 400/100


climbing hall

položené, kolmé, mierne previsnuté, previsy,
hrany, špáry, detské profily


položené výlezy, rôzne previslosti, samostatne
stojaci balvan, štruktúry

Other facts

Top rope 
climbing holds from different manufacturer
foam flooring in whole boulder gym
kids corner

your first visit

We want you to feel safe when you climb and boulder, therefore we have created some rules that all visitors of our climbing centre have to comply with. If you are new in our centre, it is important that you get to know them before you start climbing. At the reception we ask you to read and accept the Regulations and Guidelines and to fill out the registration form.

Identity card or any other official document with a photograph is needed for the registration. For kids and underage visitors a legal guardian’s signature is required (parent).

By signing the form you confirm that you have read the Regulations and Guidelines and with entering the climbing hall you comply with the rules of the climbing centre during climbing and bouldering.

Afterwards you will receive a registration chip that entitles you to buy a single ticket or a prepaid ticket. To get a discounted price you need to provide a proof of identity with a photograph confirming the age of the visitor of the climbing centre.

Every time you visit the climbing centre you show us the chip and we will know that you have already agreed to the Regulations and Guidelines of the climbing centre and you know the safety rules. From safety reasons it is not possible to climb in the climbing centre without the registration.

The chip also serves as a prepaid ticket, the key from the cabinets in the dressing room and it enables you to follow your climbing performances in the „Challenge zone“.

In case of forgetting or losing your chip, we can help you very quickly and without any problems as we will provide you with another spare one to be able to enter the climbing centre.

terms and Conditions in LA SKALA

1. General

The operating instructions serve primarily to prevent accidents and to maintain hygiene and order. It is visibly located at the entrance to the hall and at the reception desk, and every visitor of the climbing centre is required to read it carefully at his/her first visits.