The entry is not time limited, you can climb as much and as long as you want. Before your first entry of the climbing centre you have to register and read the Regulations and Guidelines. Experienced co-climbers are responsible for the unexperienced ones. The staff of the climbing centre is not obliged to, but can control the climbing ability of all new visitors. If the staff of the climbing centre decides that a new visitor, that did not undergo the course of the climbing centre, is not able to climb on their own, they can ask them no to belay and recommend them to take part in one of the courses and forbid them to belay until they undergo such course.

Price list €
  Adults Students (ISIC) and seniors (62+) Children until 14 years (must be accompanied by an adult) Family (2 adults + max. 2 children)
SINGLE Ticket ENTRY Mon - Sun  9 7 6 24

prepaid ticket "9a" - 11 entranceS 
 (is valid for 1 year from the date of issue, non-transferable)

90 70 60  
6-months prepaid ticket
(is valid for 6 months from the date of issue, non-transferable)
330 260 220  
12-month prepaid ticket
(is valid for 12 months from the date of issue, non-transferable)
450 350 300  
LOSS OF CHIP-CARD 5 5 5 5/chip-card
retractable chip-card holder 2,5 2,5 2,5 2,5/holder
Gift vouchers

in the value of 20 Eur, 50 Eur, or other prefered value

Rental shop €
Rope 3.5
Climbing shoes 3
Harness 1.5
Belay device 1
Chalk bag with chalk 1
Helmet 1
Climbing set (climbing shoes, harness, belay device, chalk) 5
Assisted-braking resistor Edelrid Ohm 3